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Al was an inspiring reporter/journalist until one day, when he was sent on an assignment without a photographer. Al was handed a camera with no prior knowledge of photography, except for a few moments of instruction. When he returned from the assignment, he had to learn how to develop the film and print an image, and this changed his life forever. His first ever published photo won him National Recognition and Awards in Photojournalism while in school. Al immediately went to his photography professor, Chuck Hassim asking for help in how he could further his career. It was at this moment that he dove headfirst into the world of photography. He became his professor's assistant, and from there, he worked his way into being the Photo Editor of the Falcon Times, Miami-Dade College's publication. 
Al has worked with real estate developments, hotels, resorts, vacation destinations, corporations, individuals, and more. As a college student, Al was an aspiring photographer focused primarily on black and white film. Professional Photographer Near Miami Fl 87 Modified Removebg PreviewHe later became a photojournalist for the Falcon Times, Miami-Dade College’s publication, earning state and national recognition on his first assignment.
His shooting assignments range from establishing real estate databases to high-quality photography to capturing production stills for TV shows like CSI: Miami, the televised sporting event The Superstars, and Battle of the Network Stars produced by Candid Productions. Al has also shot for numerous non-profit organizations throughout South Florida.
While originally from New Orleans, LA, Al has made South Florida his home and works hard to highlight businesses, properties, and other images that showcase the South Floridian experience for viewers all over the world. Experience award-winning photography from a creative professional with numerous national awards in architectural, interior, and sports photography and portfolio print work in health and medical advertising.
Al has published well over 10,000 published images and counting with his creative attention to detail and innovative skillset. These images are copyrighted, contracted by clients, and/or captured for stock photography. Al takes great pride in his work and hopes the gallery helps make your choice of a photographer for your next project or event much easier.


Book your time with Al today and look forward to using a creative photographer’s approach for your commercial project. Get in touch to ask your questions, share concerns, or learn more about his services.

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